Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Animal, vegetable...ladybird?

I must admit I didn’t start this blog to bore on about how cute my children are, but sometimes you just have to record the things they say, if only for posterity’s sake. Plus, it’s only recently that Littleboy 1 has been able to string a sentence together, so anything he comes out with still seems fairly astonishing.

So here are two recent examples:

Littleboy 1 has somehow got it into his head that all insects are called ladybirds. (Example: when peeing against a tree in the park – an act he finds hilarious anyway - we notice that there are ants crawling on the tree trunk. “Mummy, I wee on the ladybirds!” he shouts with glee.) So when we actually see some ladybirds, the other day, I am all excited. I point them out - “Looook darling, what’s that?” And after some consideration he replies: “A turtle!”

Then, the other evening we are driving back from Nursery. I am pootling along very conservatively at about 20mph, thanks to the speedhumps that have recently appeared on this particular stretch of road, when Littleboy 1 pipes up: “Be careful, Mummy, with the car. Go slowly now!"

I can only think he is aping me, forever telling him to slow down on his scooter. Either that or backseat driving in men starts at precisely age 3.

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