Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Gallery; Colo(u)r

A rush of unseasonably warm spring weather has brought blossom, bulbs and spring blooms out in force in New York. Cherry blossom and magnolias are springing from bare winter branches, and even our hydrangeas are starting to bud.

I was unaware until a few weeks ago of this little ring of bulbs on our front lawn. Almost overnight, a clutch of crocuses appeared, almost like some kind of fairy circle, and then this week, hyacinths and daffodils joined them. A neighbour told me that the previous owners but one had a little flower garden there, with a statue in the middle; I love how it's reappeared, to give us a glimpse into the garden's past. You can tell that the seasons are confused - the grass is still sparse and brown, thinking it's winter, although green shoots are starting to appear.

Meanwhile the daffodils by the garden path are about to peak, I think - good thing they bloomed before our trip back to England, because I have a feeling that by late April, spring will be over at this rate.

And, for a final splash of colo(u)r (I'm so used to writing it the American way now for work that I have to correct myself), I spotted a bright red Cardinal just as I went out to take the photos of the flowers. He's right in the centre of this picture, sitting on a branch.

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Anonymous said...

Love spring. There is something so cheerful about the little splashes of colour. I miss seasons!

MsCaroline said...

Spring is (finally) beginning here in Seoul, but we've got a while to go - the daffodils haven't even started yet...sigh.
Love your cardinal - such a bright little splash of red in the tree. We had cardinals in our backyard in the US and I miss them so...
Enjoy your spring!

Nota Bene said...

How luck are you to get that beautiful bird in your garden

Ginger said...

What a beautiful bird - such a bright red. I found you via The Gallery