Thursday, 30 May 2013

Six weeks....

Six weeks to go before we leave Long Island.

Not long, is it? Three more weeks of school (which I am sure will fly by) and then three weeks when the boys are at summer camp, for The Doctor and I to start packing up the house.

I keep thinking of things I will miss; my friends, neighbours, the ease of the schoolbus, the little American rituals at school, the local restaurants and shops.

But it's also time to start mentally checking out of here. Looking forward, not back. Looking on estate agent websites at places to live; thinking about the boys' new schools; reconnecting with old friends.

And there are aspects of UK life I have missed. Things that I persuaded myself I could do without, at least on a temporary basis, but actually, am looking forward to having in my life again.

Waking up to Radio 4. I do like NPR (the American equivalent), really I do, but it just isn't the same. They're just too nice. I miss John Humprhies mauling people in the morning.

Watching the BBC. (Well, we can watch BBC programmes here, finally; we're currently enjoying The Apprentice. But you have to work out what's on when, rather than just browsing the TV listings or hearing about a good new show from a friend).

Summertime without mosquitoes.  Yes, they are starting again. I got my first bite last week and soon there will be so many we won't be able to sit outside without a forcefield of noxious spray.

A good British roast meal. We do make them here. But the right joint of meat, in particular lamb, is hard to come by.

Country pubs. Not a bar, not a restaurant, and you don't have to tip the barman just for getting a glass of wine.  And there's nowhere here where you can sit outside with a cider and a packet of crisps.

Safe weather. England's weather might be boring, but you don't have to worry every time they forecast "damaging winds" (which is about once a week). Hurricane season has alreadystarted again. We're just hoping the first one doesn't come along before mid-July. We've had enough of that, thank you very much.

London, London, London. I may have been a little tired of it before we left, but it's a great city and I'm looking forward to rediscovering all it has to offer.

What else should I be looking forward to?


Nota Bene said...

Me, me, me!!

Seriously, looking forward to seeing you all again.

Take the boys up the Shard so they can see all of London...expensive but worth it!

MsCaroline said...

Isn't that funny - I have been missing waking up to NPR. We can get streaming radio here, but all the wrong shows are on when it's morning for us. Hope the next 6 weeks move along very smoothly for you, although moving almost always comes with its own collection of headaches. At least it will provide good 'blog fodder.' xo

Anonymous said...

The Sunday Papers, bliss!

Anonymous said...

This may be asking something you don't want to go into for privacy reasons but I often wonder about The Doctor. How has his experience been here? Did he come over to learn a new skill, on a fellowship or just to experience the US for a nice change. And how does he think the skills he acquired here will go over back in the UK.

Expat mum said...

The lovely merchandising in shops like Boots and M&S. I always think the shops here are a bit of a mess.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. Elaine

nappy valley girl said...

NB - looking forward to seeing you too!

Ms Caroline - thanks. I will probably miss NPR when we're back in England..the grass is always greener.

Mud - I've become quite used to the New York Times, but it'll be good to have more of a selection again - you can't just go into a newsagent here and browse like you can in London, because there is only one decent paper.

Anonymous - that's a very good question and I am happy to answer it! He came over here on a research fellowship, on a grant from the UK, to do post docctoral work in an institution based on Long Island. He hasn't done any clinical work here, because the US has different qualifications from the UK, so he can't see patients. He will be returning to a clinical job, with some research, and hopes that his experience here will boost his academic credentials and get him some crucial publications which is what he needs to become an academic clinician.

Expat Mum - the last time I went to Boots it was a bit of a mess, but I'm looking forward to John Lewis!

Elaine - thank you so much. I am so pleased to hear that people enjoy reading my witterings!

Iota said...

I'll be interested to hear how you reconnect with John Humphreys. Like you, I enjoyed NPR, but missed the Today programme. But... now I'm back, I can't bear John Humphreys. I don't have the radio on at all in the morning. The Today programme is just too aggressive. I can't bear all the hectoring, and the rude interrupting of interviewees. Now I'm missing Diane Ream, who's always so polite to her guests, and gets so much more from them than rudey old John H.

Iota said...

Irony, though. You'll enjoy that again. People saying exactly the opposite of what they mean, safe in the knowledge that you'll understand them, and not get confused.

Circles said...

I can't believe you only have 6 weeks to go. I really hope it's a smooth move and I'm so excited to see you this summer! We'll be in Florida from Jul 6th for about 10 days, then in the UK until mid-August. Good luck with the packing and everything - and keep the blogs coming if you can! Lots of love M xxx

Melissa said...

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