Monday, 17 February 2014

All About Me

The lovely Iota has tagged me to answer some questions in an All About Me post. (The idea is that I answer her questions, then think of some of my own and tag some other bloggers.) So here goes....

1. What is the view from the window of the room where you are currently sitting?

My view is of a quiet South London street, and at the end of it, a lot of very tall trees. The trees are in a very grand and large old Victorian cemetery where I occasionally take the boys for a walk. (It's quite hilly, and good for scooting, and they don't seem to mind that it's a graveyard). If I poke my head far enough round the end of my desk, I can see the Crystal Palace television mast.

2. Do You buy lottery tickets?

I have only ever once bought a lottery ticket, and that was on the night the National Lottery launched, when I was a student back in 1994 and it was a big news story. Needless to say, I didn't win, and after that, I lost interest.

3. If you had to live in the Arctic Circle or The Equator, which would it be?

Definitely the latter. I cannot stand being really cold and the dark winters would kill me. Whereas I could happily live somewhere like Singapore, given decent air conditioning and a swimming pool.

4.What's the novel inside you, you know the one everyone is supposed to have?

I've had several novel plans over the years, and still plan to write one set among the yummy mummies of South London. As a teenager I planned a Gone With The Wind style epic set in Hong Kong in the 1930s, and I actually have several unpublished teenage works among my files, including one about a girl detective solving a murder set in a chateau (I had been reading a lot of Agatha Christie at the time) and one about a teenage tennis player who goes from being crap at sport to winning Wimbledon (I had been watching a lot of Wimbledon). 

5. Do you still have your wedding dress?

Yes, it's hanging in a cupboard. I don't know what will become of it, though, as I don't have any daughters to hand it on to. Maybe one day I'll dress up in it and sit around like Miss Havisham.

6.Is your big toe longer of shorter than the one next to it?


7. Name a guilty pleasure.

Facebook. Total time waster, but I do like to look at it. Occasionally reading Grazia. And watching I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, which I blogged about here.

8.If you could change one thing you've done in the last week, what would it be?

Spelled someone's name wrong in an article I wrote for work -- a complete rookie mistake for a journalist, and totally my fault.

9. What's your middle name (come on, we're all grownups now, it's not embarrassing any more)?

Mary. And I've never been embarrassed by it - it's a good solid name that you can't argue with.

10. Can you say, with Edith Piaf, Je ne regrette rien?

Definitely not -- see above. But in the biggest matters of life, I have few regrets.

11. What fairy story do you most identify with (don't over-think this one).

At the moment I feel a bit like Goldilocks, as I'm looking round people's houses and trying them on for size.  They're either too big or too small, but I'm sure as soon as I find one that's just right the three bears will come storming in and kick me out.

Right, here are my questions. And I'm going to tag:

Metropolitan Mum
Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes
Nota Bene

1. What's for dinner tonight?

2. Do you read a daily newspaper?

3. If you could take off on a no-expense spared holiday next week, where would you go?

4. What was your favourite book as a child?

5. And who is your favourite author as an adult (it doesn't just have to be one).

6. Do you buy your underwear at M&S?

7. What's your dream career, and do you wish you'd done it?

8. Do you ever Google people you meet afterwards? (and not for work reasons).

9. What was the last thing you saw at the theatre?

10. Do you use Pinterest - and if so, do you get the point?

11. What's been your proudest moment as a parent so far?


Iota said...

Enjoyed reading about you! And I like your questions too. (That was the bit I enjoyed doing most when I was tagged - thinking up the questions.)

MsCaroline said...

I am completely with you on Singapore - have had entirely enough of Seoul and long winters here. Funny about the boys scooting about the graveyard - we lived next to one when we lived in Kentucky and walked in it almost every evening. Our boys learned to ride their bikes there and we all loved it - very green and full of trees and fascinating old (well, for the US) Victorian-style ornate gravestones and monuments.

Nota Bene said...

Oh, oh, oh......

Michelloui said...

We still need to have our coffee and when we do I'm going to ask you more about your novel writing ideas! They sound interesting, even the teenage idea of Gone With the Wind in Hong Kong. xx

Elsie Button said...

Enjoyed reading this :)

Thanks for the tag, will crack on... Xx

Home Office Mum said...

Thank you for the tag. Sorry it's taken me a while to get onto it. Halfterm and all that. Fascinating insights! I will get onto mine now.

PS- you might want to look at your comments settings as the only options you have to comment are with a google account or an open ID which excludes self hosted blogs i.e. it forces me to use my old wordpress ID. There isn't an option insert you name and URL.

nappy valley girl said...

I've changed the settings so you should be able to comment.

Michelloui, yes, let's arrange that coffee soon! x

Metropolitan Mum said...

Ahhhh ha ha thank you so much. I have started reading this and thought 'haven't done one of those in years, would be fun' and tah dah, you tagged me. Thanks so much! :)
Please do dress up in your wedding gown. And please do post pictures. xx

Anonymous said...

Iota is funnily engough my mum and i love all your questions. Great Blog!