Tuesday, 6 May 2014


I'm thinking of turning this blog into a craft blog and entering it for lots of awards. I expect to get lots of followers pinning my brilliant craft designs to Pinterest and tweeting excitedly about them -- because, y'know, I am just so fantastic at this kind of project.

No, not really,

But this may be the first and last time I post a craft project on my blog. Unless it really catches on.

So, here we go: How to make a fez: by the least crafty mother in Britain.

1.Buy red foam
2. Put foam around child's head and measure - cut hat shape to fit head
3. Use red card (not quite matching) to create a top for the hat
4. With help of seven year old, staple the pieces rather wonkily together
5. Get seven year old to decorate hat - the gold stars were his idea
6. Complain about lack of tassel to another mother at school gate. Very kindly she offers to give you one.
6. Sellotape tassel on
7. Turn up at school with said fez (which your seven year old is too embarrassed to wear). Note that the other fezzes range from the ultra-sophisticated (proper felt and all manner of decorations) to the really half-hearted (paper party hat in blue).
8. Realise that in determination not to forget fez, you have forgotten seven year old's piano books and failed to realise that he is supposed to be doing a gym display today.

Stay tuned for more creative projects on the Nappy Valley craft blog!


Melissa said...

You are a woman after my own heart. Splendid fez.

Nota Bene said...

You can't get everything right...mind you I did read it as cut head to fit...oops...

Metropolitan Mum said...

'Cut head to fit' brouwahahahaha. Sounds like me kind of crafting. Ahhh, tears of joy xx

Expat mum said...

As a crafter, I'm wondering how you managed to sellotape anything to foam and make it stick.

About Last Weekend said...

Whenever i read craft blogs I feel hopeful then exhausted - not this one! I'm going to have a crack at this if said Fez is ever needed

nappy valley girl said...

Toni, the sellotape has worked so far...but today is the day he has to dance in the fez, so we will see...

Jay said...

Ha ha, brilliant. I have stapled many a child into a fancy dress outfit at the last minute - crafty I am not!

Iota said...

It's fez-tastic!

My heart always used to sink when I had a letter home from the teacher which involved craft. It usually seemed to contain the words "you can buy poster board at lots of shops" - poster board! What happened to cutting up an old cardboard box? Though like you, we don't have too much junk hanging around, as moving house involves chucking most of it out.

Luckily, 10-yo's current school doesn't seem to be very into home-done craft projects. They seem to do them all at school. I think I might miss them... But less than I used to hate doing them, so on balance, it's a win.