Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Blogging friends old and new

Two Knackered Mothers, one bestselling author..with the lovely Helen

What is the collective noun for blogging mothers? A phalanx, a gaggle? Perhaps a maternity....

Anyway, there was a good gathering of them at BritMums Live on Saturday. Most of whom I didn't know. Yes, nearly all my all crowd seemed to have decided that this was the year off, having been religiously for the last five years. Sod's law I suppose.

But.... I did get to meet the fabulous Knackered Mother (aka Helen), whose Wine Club I've been admiring and commenting on ever since it started. We chatted excitedly across the book signing table,where she was signing copies of her excellent book, and then I watched her very impressive performance in the "Building your food brand" session .

And I did enjoy the day. I met some interesting new bloggers and decided that my blogroll is in dire need of a revamp (as is my blog design, which is shamefully old-fashioned, and probably won't see me "monetizing" my blog any time soon). I learned all about travel blogging, and decided I might start a separate travel section on my blog. I wandered around and marvelled at the number of brands that want to get into bed with mummy bloggers. And I listened to some hilarious, sobering and heart-rending stories as a selection of talented bloggers read out their posts.

But the best bit? It had to be the musical performance of The Good Enough Mums Club. These talented women have written a musical about motherhood which is funny, honest and downright dirty. They performed a taster from the musical and I loved it. They're performing around London this summer and I intend to go.


Trish Burgess said...

It was great to meet you at the weekend.
I keep telling myself I need a blog makeover too. Like you, I am still an old-fashioned blogspot girl. I really should get with the times.

Expat mum said...

Sorry to have missed it, and you. Yes, I'm another old fashioned non-monetizing blogger. Can't be bothered is I'm honest.

Muddling Along said...

I'm sorry I missed it (and meeting you) - trying to work out what I might treat myself to next year and now bewildered by the array of blog conferences out there

Knackered Mother said...

Was so, SO lovely to meet you after all this time and getting to chat with you was my highlight x