Monday, 9 February 2015

Bearded at the BAFTAs

Ralph Fiennes: surely better without it?
Is there no end to the trend for facial hair at the moment?

In my line of work, there are plenty of "hipsters" -- so I get to see a lot of big, bushy beards. Advertising creatives are among those where the trend first started, and many's the time I've been told to look out for someone in a cafe or restaurant with the information: "Carlo/Nick/Andy has a really massive beard." Which isn't really that helpful when you're in Shoreditch House.

However, the hipster trend has now become mainstream -- The Doctor tells me that many of the junior doctors at work now have beards, something that would have been incredibly unusual when he was at the equivalent age. (I don't think many city types are bearded, but I bet there's the odd goatee, and stubble on the weekend, even among this crew).

But watching the BAFTAs last night it occurred to me -- all the good-looking actors and celebrities are now bearded too.

David Beckham's had one for a while now, but I also spotted beards on Ralph Fiennes, Steve Carrell, Ethan Hawke and Best Newcomer actor Jack O'Connell, and various other good-looking actors who I didn't even recognize because their chins were covered in hair.

Now, I'm not beard-ist. Some men suit beards, it's true. (I can't really imagine Mike Leigh without one, for instance).

But in my opinion, all of the above would look better without them. So come on, enough is enough. Shave it off! Leave beards to artists, Santa Claus and English teachers (like when I was growing up). It's high time chins made a comeback. I'd even give them a BAFTA fellowship.


Expat mum said...

Agree. Sting has been on TV here a lot recently because of his musical and he's also sporting a bushy brown beard. I never recognize him.

MsCaroline said...

Some of them *do* actually look better with the beard, but, in general, I agree with you. Looking back at the beard trend of the 60s and 70s, I think we can all agree that it wasn't attractive then, and really isn't now - except for a very specific subgroup. I am very pleased that I got your reference to Shoreditch - thanks to #2, who was there whilst visiting a friend in London last weekend and subsequently reported to me that 'Shoreditch is the Portland (Oregon) of the UK.'

Muddling Along said...

I'm afraid that the plague of beards has continued even into the City - I've only ever worked with one person with a beard in all my years in the City and now there are several sprouted up (and not all beards are created equal... some need shaving off and pronto)

Was Living Down Under said...

Oh I didn't realise it was a thing. My partner has always sported some kind of facial hair and the extent of it has always depended on whether he was at a client site or working from home. He never lets it get quite so scraggly and long as the one you've pictured. I quite like some facial hair on men - as long as it's kept somewhat groomed :)

nappy valley girl said...

Expat Mum - I didn't know Sting had a beard! Going to google that now...

MsCaroline - Oh I am glad you got the reference to Shoreditch! Yes definitely the Portland, or maybe the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, or the UK.

Muddling Along - ah, interesting. I can't really imagine bankers in beards.

Was Living - I agree, I am not against facial hair per se but when it completely changes the person's appearance. In some cases all I can see is the beard, not the person behind it!

Nota Bene said...

From a male perspective, can I just say they itch and itch and itch

Iota said...

Not a beard fan. Not.