Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Cabin fever

We have had such a great week in Norway that it’s hard to know where to start. I could talk about the cabin we stayed in with our friends, The Vets and their Littlegirls, way up in the mountains, with a gurgling mountain stream as the water supply. The magnificent forest, lakes, waterfalls and rivers that surrounded us. The fact that it didn’t get really dark, even at 1am. The stunning lake cruise. Or the thrill of jumping into ice cold meltwater after a walk.

There would be too much to say, however, so I decided to do it by statistics. A bit like Schott’s Miscellany, but definitely more inaccurate…well, maths never was my strong point.

So, here goes:

Weather – 9/10 (despite unpromising arrival temperature of 10 degrees)

Location of cabin – 10/10

Taps in cabin: 0

Streams outside cabin: 1

Flushing loos: 0

Family stripwashes: 2

Lake swims: 2

Fjord paddles: 1

Small, overexcited blond children in cabin: 4

Dogs in cabin: 1

Frantic grownups in cabin: 4

Hours of real darkness: 0

Impressive hikes undertaken by Littleboy 1: 4

Impressive 15 minute walks to cabin undertaken by Littleboy 2: 1

Plates of waffles consumed per day (average): 1

Attempts by The Doctor to eat brown Norwegian cheese: 1

Numbers of kids’ insect repellents bought that then realised weren’t allowed on plane because flammable: 3

Numbers of mosquito bites on Littleboys: 0

Numbers of mosquito bites on me: about 10 zillion

Accidents suffered by Littleboys: 4 (2 each).

Accidents suffered by Littleboys requiring first aid kits to be produced: 2 (1 each)

Debates on whether Littleboy 2 needed stitches: 1

Amount of clothes for the Littleboys needed compared to those packed: about half.

Wrong kind of child car seats provided by crap rental firm: 2

Rows in airport carpark due to said carseats: 1

Minutes Littleboy 2 wasn’t screaming on 2 and half hour return plane journey: 15

Seeing The Vets, and their Littlegirls, again after far too long (with apologies to Mastercard ad): priceless


The Dotterel said...

Oh, it sounds idyllic (apart from your mosquito bites!)

GoneBackSouth said...

He screamed for all but 15 minutes of the flight? Oh lordy. Anyway it sounds like a brilliant trip - we went to a Swedish wedding one summer and it didn't get dark there either.

valley girl said...

Dotrorel, it was idyllic - and the bites are starting to fade now...

Hi GoneBackSouth, Littleboy 2 is just at that age - 18 months - where they don't have their own seat, but really, really don't want to sit on your lap...so the screaming was sheer frustration (although the other passengers, seeing the huge plaster on his forehead, must have wondered!)

Potty Mummy said...

It does get easier when they have their own seats, I promise. Boy #2 was able to climb into his own seat and even strap himself in our recent trip to Aus. Now that tells me he's doing too much flying...

valley girl said...

Thanks, Potty Mummy - I long for the day when he has his own seat, even though the cost of the holiday will rocket.....in the meantime I think we may have to take what the newspapers are calling a 'staycation'.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Alway curious about brown cheese, a norwegian colleague used to talk about it whilst wearing a woolly jumper with a moose on it. Never appealed so well done to the Doc for trying it. As for the flight - been there, done that. At least it's probably another year before you next venture on a plane again??