Monday, 14 July 2008


Before I write about Norway, there’s something I must do – a week or so ago, the lovely Frog in the Field tagged me to write about 5 blogs that I like. As I’m still a bit of a novice blogger, this is a little rough and ready, but if you’ll forgive that here are some that I’ve liked so far:

The first is petite anglaise: to begin with, I had never read her blog, but my father gave me her book as a birthday present, and, rather against my expectations, I was riveted. She writes so honestly, funnily and grippingly about her life, from the big emotional moments to the smallest day to day details. So now I must log in and find out the latest about petite and her sexy Parisian life.

In her book, petite mentioned quite frequently ‘Anna from Little Red Boat’. I hadn’t realised until recently that this was the same Anna P who did a brilliant live blog on The Apprentice on the MediaGuardian website. She is hilarious, and well worth a read: here’s a recent one.

The next two are by friends, but if you can’t have a bit of cronyism in the blogging world, where can you? Man and boy: well worth a read, as my friend has a great story to tell, all about looking after a teenage son on his own. Marianne’s travel blog is also by my good friend, International Escapee Mummy: full of funny insights into life as an Englishwoman in the US of A and her forthcoming sojourn to Dubai.

Finally, I have recently discovered Rilly Super, and everything about her blog, Strife in the North– from the pictures to the profile - makes me giggle quite a lot.


Nota Bene said...

Thank you! More (welcome) distractions from the daily grind. I hear they eat only fish in Norway

The Dotterel said...

Are you going to a wedding? If so, watch out for all the customs - like stamping feet means that the bride and groom must crawl beneath the table and kiss (and there are more - we were at a Norwegian wedding earlier this year). The blog list is great - I know you're a journalist, but it' better than the papers!

valley girl said...

They may eat a lot of fish in Norway, but the thing we had the most of was waffles, which they seem to serve up in every mountain cabin, all made with the same heart-shaped waffle iron. Delicious.

This wasn't for a wedding but we did go to the Norwegian wedding of the friends we were staying with, a few years ago - the custom I recall was that if the groom left the room to use the loo, everyone had to kiss the bride. That, and the fact that the world and his wife can make a speech.

The Dotterel said...

Yes, and if the bride leaves the room don't all the females have to kiss the groom? And if glasses are chinked, the in-laws have to kiss, to say nothing of the pickled herring down the brides dress!