Monday, 20 July 2009

Tagged, but not tweeting

I have been tagged by the marvellous Mum of 4, whom I've known since she was a carefree Mum of None and we gossiped over mugs of latte when we were supposed to be working, for a meme involving describing seven of my personality traits.

I was also very pleased to discover, via a link from her site, that I've been listed by Who's the Mummy as no 22 in her list of the Top 100 British Parenting Bloggers. (I also discover from this that I need to be Tweeting in order to 'up' my blogging currency - something I have toyed with but discarded for the moment as being merely another way to waste time and make me feel guilty for neglecting my children. So, no Twitter, and I can't even think about putting the blog on Facebook at the moment. Because I already spend enough time there.)

So here goes:

Restless: why do you think The Doctor ended up working in America? Or taking four months off to go backpacking in our early 30s? I like being on the move. However disruptive it sometimes is to my life....

Outwardly Calm - this was, at least, how I was always described at work, when I was supposedly always serenely rising above it all on the most frenetic press days. However, this trait does not seem to extend to dealing with my children, who can turn me into a flailing wreck within seconds, or other stressful situations such as losing luggage at airports (cue hysteria). Which leads us to...

.....Inwardly anxious. If I can worry about something, I will. Don't you worry.

Technophobic- OK, not when it comes to blogging or online media, but anything to do with the hardware side: plugs, wires, programming computers, DVD players or cables. Luckily I am married to someone whose idea of heaven is spending a morning setting up a wireless router.

Punctual - Although standards have slipped somewhat since having the Littleboys, I generally don't like lateness. And people who break appointments at the last minute, with no good excuse. That gets my goat more than anything.

Irreverent - I have quite a black sense of humour, and am not easily offended by crudeness. And I have a tendency to get the giggles at any even small flicker of pomposity.

Curious - I guess that's why I became a journalist. And why I love gossip, too. That's my excuse, anyway.

And now I need to tag seven others:

Nicola at Some Mothers do Ave Em, Nota Bene, Moaning Mum, Bush Mummy, Hadriana's Treasures, A Confused Take That Fan and Brit in Bosnia.


A Confused Take That Fan said...

Ooh you are the second person who has tagged me with this and I've not managed to get around to it yet! Soz.
I am a worrier too. I wish I wasn't. Why worry about things that haven't happened yet? I don't know, but I can't help it. Ditto curiosity. Or is it that I am just plain nosy? Thanks for your list. Hope you are enjoying life stateside, How are they handling swine flu out there btw? Same hysteria as here? x

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Thanks for tag. I will get round to doing it soon .. promise!

With you on the techophobia and also outwardly calm except with my children who press all my buttons and who can turn me into a hissing witch in seconds. Must grow up and learn to rise above it.