Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding; my highlights

*Watching it from bed. Surprisingly OK, even if it was 5am. I made good use of my new teapot.

*Waking up Littleboy 1 at 7 to see the carriages leaving the Abbey. He was so excited.

*Quotes from the Littleboys.

Littleboy 2 (seeing the full leaves on the trees in London): "is it June in the film?"

Littleboy 1: Where's the King? There's no King? (I explain about the Duke of Edinburgh). He must be older than the Queen. He's taller. Where's the president? (Good question....)

Littleboy 2: I like that girl. The one in the white dress. (Good taste....)

*Switching channels to NBC, because the BBC coverage was getting rather dry and boring, and finding them explaining that Kate's father would be walking her up the aisle. We quickly switched back.

*Peeking at Fox News for some classic quotes. On the security contingent: "There's 40,000 cops there, and they don't have guns. That's unbelievable. Can you imagine that in New York?"
Fox also had a countdown clock to 'The Kiss'. Pure class.

*Catching up with everyone's comments on Twitter and Facebook. Events like these are really where social media comes into its own - and keep me really connected to what my friends are thinking back in the U.K. (and in the blogosphere).

Happy public holiday, everyone. I hope you're enjoying those parties.


Tanya (Bump2Basics) said...

The Royals really do know how to put on a show and it was nice to see Kate (I mean Catherine) & William so genuinely into each other. Definite class there, maybe even more than Fox News :)

I didn't think I would get so into it but it really struck a chord. Glad you got to enjoy it with your new teapot and your littleboys

Mwa said...

It was a good show, wasn't it? It was a normal school day here so I'll watch it again with the kids tomorrow. I'm sure they'll have crazy ideas as well.

Iota said...

I thought that countdown clock was very naff.

Glad you are using your new teapot!

Kelloggsville said...

It was wunnerful, aren't they just wunnerful!! It was rather good fun wasn't it and yes Pippa (I assume he meant THAT White dress) did look quite fantastic!

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

Oh yes, I had a ball, even though far from home! Celebrated with other Brits at the Ambasador's residence in Tirana. Great fun, just posted about it. A cool way to see it I felt! Glad you enjoyed the day (morning!) in true British style, in bed with an early morning cup of tea:o)

Metropolitan Mum said...

I watched the first half from the bath :-)

nappy valley girl said...

Tanya - oh, don't call her Catherine, I'd much rather she was Kate - despite the Royals trying to make it sound more formal!

Mwa - you're right, a great show.

Iota - yes, it was like waiting for the ball to drop on New Years Eve in Times Square or something....Apparently the US networks were very disappointed by the kiss, they expected something a bit more smoochy.

Kelloggs - actually he meant Kate - don't think Pippa was apparent at that point, but if he'd seen her going up the aisle I'm sure she'd have been in there too....

Paradise - your day sounds fab, how fun to watch it at the Embassy.

Met Mum - you have a TV in the bathroom? I thought I was decadent having one in the bedroom! x

Nota Bene said...

Love the American coverage...did Littleboy mean Pippa? She's on my list of 5

Calif Lorna said...

I loved the American commentary, dredging up Charles, Camilla, Diana, all very tasteless on what should have been a happy day. But fascinating to listen to!