Saturday 31 December 2016

The Last Post (?)

The blog becomes a book
It's almost nine years since I started this blog -- and yes, it seems to have come to a grinding halt recently.

There's no particular reason, other than being very short on time both work-wise and family wise. And, with children growing up, having less desire to put them in the public domain.

The Littleboys (can I still call them that? Well maybe just: they are 11 and 10) are thriving, doing well both academically and in other matters. Littleboy 2 has decided to become an actor after a star turn in a school play, while Littleboy 1 is becoming an accomplished musician. Both seem astonishingly well-behaved at school (I take no genetic credit for this: I think I was quite naughty at that age, so it must have been inherited from the Doctor) and, although loud, are pretty good at home too. So far, there is no sign of nightmare adolescent behaviour (and indeed, Littleboy 1 is pretty scathing about people he sees as "teenagerish"). I'm sure we have it all to come, though.

The Littleboys finally know I have a blog, by the way. The reason is that I decided to make the family a little Christmas present. Thanks to some advice from my friend M at Circles in the Sand, I investigated turning some blog posts into a printed book.

The result is Nappy Valley in New York, a coffee-table sized tome that contains all my blogging from May 2009, when we moved to America, to July 2013 when we returned. I blogged twice weekly during most of this time, so this is truly a record of our time abroad as a family, and my hope is that when the boys are older, they can treasure these memories of their childhood. The book, which I ordered via this website, looks great (see above.) The only shame in a way is that the collated posts are published without all the wonderful comments I got from friends and readers over the years - but that would have made it far, far too long.

So it's the end of 2016 (what a year, eh!) and I think this might be a fitting time to definitively say that blogging is finished, for now. I am not saying categorically that this will be the last post ever, ever, ever. But for now, I am taking a break. I will keep on reading the blog posts of those of my internet friends who are still blogging. And I'd love to keep in touch with others via email if you'll let me. It's been an incredible decade of my life, and just looking through the book reminds me how much fun I've had being part of the blogosphere. So it's au revoir, for now, but certainly not goodbye.


Expat mum said...

Oh poo. But I know what you mean. I'll catch up on FB. x

Iota said...

Oh. Well, you've kind of beaten me to it. I moved to the US in December 2006. When I was writing about my 10-year anniversary, I found it more naturally sat on Facebook than on my blog. That made me think it was probably time to wind up the blog - but I haven't quite managed to make that leap.

Great idea to make a book out of it, and it looks great. I'm sure your boys will treasure it when they're older (maybe now too?).

I've absolutely loved your blog. From Nappy Valley to Long Island to the Palais. Loved it. Thank you.

ADDY said...

So sorry to hear that but perfectly understand that life gets in the way. I have constantly thought of stopping, but then another post blurts out and I keep going. Maybe you will be tempted back one day, but I shall miss your posts. All the best. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Nappy Valley,

I'm a British expat loving in the US and randomly happened onto your blog a long time ago. Enjoyed reading all of it from your move to NY and your return to the U.K. I will miss your posts.


Anonymous said...

Living, not loving. :)

Potty Mummy said...

Will miss your posts - hope this is a temporary hiatus and not for ever, but I totally understand your reasoning x

MsCaroline said...

I completely understand - but hope it's not permanent. FaceBook has certainly changed the blogging landscape, but it's not the ideal platform for the sort of writing I enjoy so much on blogs. I would still love to meet up sometime when I'm in London - it would be a shame to leave the UK (not that this is in the cards at the moment, but you know how things sneak up on you) without having met you in person! Enjoy the time with your Littleboys - these are some wonderful years! xx

nappy valley girl said...

Thanks all - hopefully I'll be back at some point. Iota I am so glad you have loved it - likewise with yours.

And MsCaroline, yes to meeting up for sure! I'll try and send you an email x

WLDU said...

The book is a great way to treasure all the memories - what a great idea! I wasn't part of the blogosphere at all for very long but I have enjoyed reading all your posts (I went back and started at the beginning when I discovered it). All the best to you and your boys. If you ever do post again, I'll be sure to read. xo

'Cross the Pond said...

Darn! I just came back and you're gone. Phooey!

DD's Diary said...

So sorry to hear this but hope it's only temporary - and that we can catch up IRL as they say :) I love the book of your New York adventures, what a brilliant idea x