Wednesday 8 December 2010

The Gallery: White. (And the birthday boy)

Unlike the rest of you back in the UK, we haven't had any snow yet in New York this year. Well, there were a few flurries on Monday, but it didn't settle - much to my relief, as the Doctor was away at a conference and I didn't much fancy digging out the driveway by myself. (I'm pleased to see, though, that there have been 12 inches in Vermont. Roll on ski-ing).

So, when it came to selecting a picture for this week's Gallery, I had to choose some photographs from February, when we had our biggest snowfall of last winter. It was a real powder snowfall, and when the sun came out after the blizzard, everything sparkled. And I thought I'd choose a picture of Littleboy 2, too, in honour of his fourth birthday today. He would have loved snow on his birthday. Ah, well.


LinzW1976 said...

Fab photos! Your time will come for snow I'm sure! It's far too early for snow this year, it feels all wrong! x

SeaThreePeeO said...

Great pictures! Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!

Nota Bene said...

Happy birthday...roll on the snow!

Calif Lorna said...

Saw far too much white stuff in the UK!

Have fun in Vermont and hope Littleboy 2 had a wonderful day!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Have you posted about his birthday last year? I think I remember that. Happy B Day!
Btw, I pop into the eco friendly shop regularly. They have nice stuff.