Monday 13 August 2012

Littleboy Olympic quotes

So, the Olympics are over. And I'm sure life in London will slowly return to normal. As it will for us. No more waking up and immediately switching on the TV to see Britain win a gold medal (rowing was particularly well-timed for East Coast US viewing) or falling asleep to Gaby Logan's evening show. No more cooking to the sound of a boxing match on Radio 5 Live or excitedly checking Twitter at a kids' party to find out how many more medals we've won. We actually have to listen to the American radio again now, and are already getting bored of the Election build-up, with over three months to go. Meanwhile US TV is preparing for an onslaught of new September shows - they actually put a pilot show of some sitcom about vets slap-bang into the middle of the closing ceremony on NBC.

But before I sign off on the Olympics, I'll leave you with some of my favourite Olympic-related quotes from the Littleboys.

Animal Kingdom

LB2: Is Usain Bolt faster than a cheetah?

Partisan support

LB2: Are we going to beat China? I hope we get more golds than China. Why do China always win everything?

LB1: What if we won all the golds, USA won all the silver and China won all the bronzes? Do you think that would ever happen?

LB1: Is Tom Daley the best diver in the Universe?

Laws of physics

LB2: Do they get medals in diving for staying underwater the longest?

Existential ponderings
LB1: Will Bolt ever die?
Me: Yes, of course, we are all going to die one day.
LB1: But God doesn't, does he?
LB2: If China dies, will another country be better than them?

Happy post-Olympics, everyone - hope the hangover isn't too bad!


Expat mum said...

Yes, it's quite weird not having the telly on with sports in the background.

MsCaroline said...

This is the first time in years I haven't had that post-Olympic-letdown. I suppose it's got to do with not having watched very much of the Games this year. But I did catch track and field (even if I had no idea of any/most of the drama going on due to language issues) and I would say that Usain Bolt is very likely faster than a cheetah!

Kit said...

Feels quiet here too. We had almost exactly the same what if question about Us getting all the golds, USA all the silver and China bronze... great minds!

Dumdad said...

LB2: Do they get medals in diving for staying underwater the longest?

Great idea! I'd watch this event and I bet millions would too. ("And the gold medal went to the late . . .")

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I see a future in free diving for them!

Nota Bene said...

Great quotes...perhaps a medal for the diver that makes the biggest splash?

Circles in the Sand said...

Lovely quotes! I can't believe they put a sitcom on in the middle of the Closing Ceremony, even if it was a bit like the disco at the end of a wedding, with some crazy uncle moments!

nappy valley girl said...

Expat Mum - I haven't watched so much TV in years, let alone sport!

Ms Caroline - disappointingly, a vet friend tells me that cheetahs can go up to 75mph, whereas Bolt goes about 23 mph over 200m. It was a nice thought, though!

Kit - I love kids' logic....

Dumdad - yes, that would be a whole new Olympic sport, wouldn't it....

Mud - perhaps! They are already obsessed with swimming underwater.

NB - yes, actually they couldn't understand why people got penalized for making big splashes....

Circles - crazy, just crazy...and, having now watched both versions, NBC really chopped it about and missed out some crucial elements including Waterloo Sunset and Darcey Bussell.

Jay said...

Brilliant, I've watched more tv sports coverage in the last few weeks than ever before! We had the same question about why do China win everything, team GB did great though, bring on Rio!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Bless LB2, slightly paranoid about China, the invincible force... ;-)