Monday 11 February 2013

A winter storm

We've had our fair share of storms on Long Island this past 18 months.

So it was lucky, this time, with Winter Storm Nemo, that we caught a break. Although there was extremely heavy snow on Friday on eastern Long Island (many people were stranded in their cars overnight on the Long Island Expressway), it didn't hit our town too hard. We had about a foot of snow, but we've had more before. This time, it was just pretty.

The boys built a snowman and had snowball fights, while I went around photographing the house in the snow (it's the first time we've had a major snowfall in the new house).

Having stocked up on food the day before, (anticipating power outages and the like) on Saturday, we didn't have to go anywhere, but snuggled together in the fading afternoon and watched an old James Bond film (The jury is out on whether the boys really like Bond films, but we rather enjoyed the cheesiness of You Only Live Twice.)

The next day was beautifully sunny and crisp. We took the boys sledding, which they loved; however, after about 20 minutes the police came and told everyone to clear out of the golf course (where the best sledding hills are). We thought they were being killjoys at first, until someone said they'd heard an ambulance. Today, we heard that an eight year old girl had been seriously injured, hitting a tree in a sled. While the boys did wear helmets yesterday, it did make me realise (if I didn't know it already) that sledding is a pretty dangerous activity. So, take care in the snow, fellow parents - I know you're expecting some in the UK. 

Today, it's all melting away to grey slush. But I'm glad we got to see one more heavy snowfall on Long Island, even if it's our last. 


MsCaroline said...

I'm so glad this one was just a happy snow day - no power outages or days trapped in the house - and glad you and the boys enjoyed yourselves. Lovely memories for you and them.
That photo of the street - gorgeous!
Hope you're doing well...x

Iota said...

Ah, that "even if it's our last" phase of living abroad...

Nota Bene said...

The pictures are gorgeous...snow and sun = perfect combination. That poor girl and her parents

Julie said...

Sorry to hear about the little girl getting hurt, hope she is all right.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pics x