Wednesday 29 June 2016

What a week....

"Mummy, " said Littleboy 2 this morning at breakfast. "Why are you and Daddy STILL talking about the Referendum?"

He must be wondering what's happened. We've gone from a house where the TV was never on in the morning before school to one where it's seemingly on 24/7. The disciplined leaving for school on time thing has gone out of the window. Both parents seem to be in permanent rant mode. Even when we had guests round for Sunday lunch, they all just ranted too.

I reassured him that we were not mad, and that it was quite likely all his friends' parents were having the same conversations. In fact I know they are: I've spent a lot of time down at the school this week for various parents' open days, and it is all anyone can talk about. It's like that everywhere in London (although I know outside the capital it isn't, necessarily.)

I went to Shoreditch on Monday and young people seemed to be hugging each other everywhere. I went into my local bookshop earlier and an older man was having a rant about what a huge mistake Brexit is. Meanwhile, Facebook has gone from being a place where friends shared pictures of their kids and cat videos to being a place of rampant political activism - petitions, invitations to join marches, people saying how depressed they feel (I would not be at all surprised if Brexit did not result in a rise in mental health issues.) I have other friends who say they aren't talking to friends or relations who voted differently to them.

Frankly, it's exhausting. Brexhausting, as one friend puts it -- she admits to letting childcare, cleaning and cooking go out of the window since last Friday. On top of that as a journalist I've also been writing about Brexit for work, focusing on the failures and success of the two communications campaigns, so all in all I feel like I'm living and breathing Referendum.

We are living in a new reality, and no wonder our kids cannot grasp the enormity of it. I wonder if they will grow up more politically aware as a result?


MsCaroline said...

It's all anyone has been able to talk about - CAN talk about - here, either. And I don't even work in journalism. I have been trying to write a Brexit post and keep giving up in frustration. It's been fascinating (in a horrible sort of way ) to watch all the rats leaving the sinking ship as well. Poor, poor young people. I really fear for them.

DD's Diary said...

.....and it's still going on! Your poor boys. And my girls. I blush to admit my youngest thought Brexit was a person a couple of months ago. She certainly knows better now

Muddling Along said...

For me the only teeny glimmer of good out of all of this awful mess is that everyone seems to have become more politically engaged - would have been nice to not have had to totally screw up the economy in order to do so admittedly

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